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Making and breaking of a cuckold - 22 The dinner party
genre: domination
I eventually skulked back to the pool area and found Max and Gemma had returned and were chatting with the others. I went and knelt before my Owners and awaited instructions. They ignored me for 10 minutes then Mistress spoke, "So faggot, you stink. Go and kneel by the pool". I did then Gemma sauntered across and stood in front of me. She...
wrote on 2016-02-24 | by subfootstool
Making and breaking of a cuckold - 21 The rest room
genre: domination
I returned and poured champagne for them all and they had a few more whilst they chatted away. I knelt discreetly awaiting instructions, then was ordered to massage Empress Christine's feet as a "show of gratitude" for her paying attention to me. Empress told me I was definitely in the 10% of "male peasant trash" who only existed to serve...
wrote on 2016-02-18 | by subfootstool
Making and breaking of a cuckold - 20 The interrogation
genre: domination
I was dragged along by my leash and paraded in front of Christy and Mark, ordered to wiggle my arse then cock my leg like a dog and pretend to take a piss, then ordered to kneel at the ends of their recliners, at their feet. To say it was a source of great amusement to them would be an understatement. I felt deflated as I looked at them, so...
wrote on 2016-02-04 | by subfootstool
Making and breaking of a cuckold - 19 The bar B que two
genre: domination
Mistress Gemma beckoned for me to tend to the bar b que and I could hear them all talking. Miss Christy asked a question, "So Gemma, how's it going this whole cuckold thing? Are you and Max happy?" "It's fantastic Christy. I've completely destroyed peepee as a man, and with Max's help I've stripped out all his pride and dignity, and totally...
wrote on 2016-01-28 | by subfootstool
Making and breaking of a cuckold - 18 The bar B que
genre: domination
"Breakfast duties faggot". I was released and made breakfast for Gemma and Max then lay with my face under her feet as usual. Max spoke; "Uh uh cuckold. Get your face under my feet". I shifted and Max lowered his large, powerful manly feet onto my face. It was quite a sight, lying on my back under the table, seeing these massive plates of...
wrote on 2016-01-21 | by subfootstool
Making and breaking of a cuckold - 17 Sir Max rules
genre: domination
I handed around the drinks and snacks then knelt at the foot of the recliners awaiting instructions. They were all engrossed in conversation. Then Max turned to me; "So cuckold, I hear that you've been permitted to cum again under Sheridan's feet". "Yes Sir, I was very privileged". "The next time you cum cucky, you'll have to earn it....
wrote on 2016-01-19 | by subfootstool
Making and breaking of a cuckold - 16 Princess Sheridan rules
genre: domination
One hour later I was kneeling beside the pool, in my harness, at the ends of the recliners Mistress Gemma and Princess Sheridan lounged on nonchalantly in their bikinis. Princess spoke, "So Gemma, we've fried his balls with electricity, squashed them in our hand till they popped, and kicked them so hard they ended up lodged behind his tonsils...
wrote on 2016-01-14 | by subfootstool
Making and breaking of a cuckold - 15 Slavery and subservience
genre: domination
I heard Gemma's voice from the bedroom. "Come on Max. What's happening? I'm horny and I need your cock between my legs". "Coming Gemma. I was just having a little chat with our cuckold, you know, explaining a few of my new Rules now that I'll be living here". He then turned and addressed me. "Follow me on your knees up the stairs fuckwit....
wrote on 2016-01-07 | by subfootstool
Making and breaking of a cuckold - 14 The devastating reality of my life
genre: domination
"You realize this wouldn't have happened to you if you'd stayed in your own social class cucky. There's bound to be sluts out there who would have let you have sex with them in return for a house and car. But not me, I wanted more but I knew I could dominate you from our first date. You were just too stupid and filled with lust to see how I was...
wrote on 2015-12-31 | by subfootstool
Making and breaking of a cuckold - 13 The final capitulation
genre: domination
The following morning I was released and made Mistress breakfast before providing my face to her for footrest duties. She pretty well ignored me when we were together and headed off for a shower soon after, having sent a few texts while eating. I could hear Mistress upstairs in the shower when I noticed she had left her cell phone and the...
wrote on 2015-12-29 | by subfootstool
Making and breaking of a cuckold - 12 Princess Sheridan forces a confession
genre: domination
"You'll be pleased to know that I pump iron at the gym too faggot. I'm stronger than I look, as you're balls are about to find out. Look into my eyes. I'm gonna ask you some questions and I want completely honest answers. If I suspect you're lying to me, I'll make you a eunuch right here and now today. Understand?" "Yes Princess Sheridan"....
wrote on 2015-12-25 | by subfootstool
Making and breaking of a cuckold - 11 Pool duties
genre: domination
As soon as we returned home, Mistress Gemma spoke, "Take off your clothes and clean up the back yard in your harness faggot. Clean the pool too cause Max is coming over this arvo and we're gonna have a swim and a laze around the pool. Chop chop". I hurried to tidy the yard and vacuum the pool when Gemma appeared in her skimpy bikini. I...
wrote on 2015-12-24 | by subfootstool
Making and breaking of a cuckold - 10 The sex shop
genre: domination
I parked outside the The Bordello, an adult store downtown, and entered with Mistress. Sure enough, the salesperson was a young female, early 20s, dressed punk-style all in black with heavy make-up, a pierced lip and nose, and a bad attitude, probably from dealing with all the perverts like me who visited the store. She sneered at me and...
wrote on 2015-12-23 | by subfootstool
Making and breaking of a cuckold - 9 A maid and a cabana boy, a loser
genre: domination
My own wife calling me a loser was unbearable but I had to face facts, she was right. I made the coffees and they appeared shortly after. I served them then knelt before them. They ignored me for a while then Gemma spoke, "By the way cucky, I've cancelled our housekeeper and yardman. You're going to take over those duties from now on. Now...
wrote on 2015-12-18 | by subfootstool
Making and breaking of a cuckold - 8 Clean-up duties
genre: domination
The Boss was holding a bag and he then reached into it and produced two items, a collar and leash, and a blindfold. He handed them to Gemma. "Strip cucky, then kneel again", she said. Mistress then placed the collar around my neck and pulled the blindfold into place. "Follow me loser". Mistress dragged me up the steps and into her...
wrote on 2015-12-11 | by subfootstool
Making and breaking of a cuckold - 7 The walk of shame
genre: domination
Gemma released me the next morning and I made her breakfast then lay under her feet. There was no conversation. It was becoming apparent that her interest in me was purely functional, what I could do for her. Her phone buzzed. "That was the Boss cucky. He's feeling horny so he's coming over in an hour. I don't need you for a while. Clean up...
wrote on 2015-12-09 | by subfootstool
Making and breaking of a cuckold - 6 The subjugation
genre: domination
"Get your face under my feet cucky". I started to speak when a jolt of electricity passed through my balls. "That was a 4 cucky. I've been trained to use this collar around your balls and basically 4 is uncomfortable, 6 is painful, 8 is very painful and 10 is agony. The dial goes from 1 to 10". "Please Gemma aaaaarrhhhh !!!" "That...
wrote on 2015-12-07 | by subfootstool
Making and breaking of a cuckold - 5 The device
genre: domination
We arrived home and entered the lounge room. I knelt and awaited instructions. "In front of me cucky", said the Boss. "Now, I'm leaving but you will obey your wife from now on without question. I will visit regularly but I have other whores who I fuck and other cucks like you who are in service to me. I'll let Gemma know when I'm coming...
wrote on 2015-12-01 | by subfootstool
Making and breaking of a cuckold - 4 The restaurant scene
genre: domination
I held the door for them to enter the car and they sat together in the back seat. They started fondling each other the moment I took off. Then Gemma threw something into the front seat. It was a hat. "Put it on cucky. It's a chauffeur's hat. I bought it for you a few weeks ago". They both had a good laugh as I donned the cap. So, I thought to...
wrote on 2015-11-27 | by subfootstool
Making and breaking of a cuckold - 3 The emasculation
genre: domination
Max lifted Gemma up into his massive arms and carried her up the stairs. I was still kneeling there 5 minutes later when he called out to me. "Peepee, I want you up here". I scurried up the steps and Max was standing at the door of my bedroom in the nude with his huge semi-erect member jutting out at me. I admit I was gobsmacked at his...
wrote on 2015-11-23 | by subfootstool
Making and breaking of a cuckold - 2 The confrontation
genre: domination
"Your wife's told me about you Peter and what a wimp you are. You can't even satisfy her in bed so she's asked me to step in for you". Max crashed his backhand across my face again. I went down on my knees. He grabbed me by the hair and spat in my face. "That's what I think about males like you peepee. Gemma tells me your penis is really...
wrote on 2015-11-17 | by subfootstool
Making and breaking of a cuckold - 1 Innocence lost
genre: domination
It all seemed so innocent at the time. My new wife of 6 months, Gemma, asked me if it would be alright if one of her friends from the gym came around for a drink tonight. I said sure, what’s her name? HIS name is Max, she replied. I was slightly taken aback but I said fine, no worries. As background, my name is Peter and I am a partner in...
wrote on 2015-11-13 | by subfootstool
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