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Stepmoms MILF Filled Birthday Party Part 1
genre: incest
It was my stepmom, Sara’s birthday. She was turning 37. She wasn’t my real mom but I treated her like she was. I didn’t know my real mom or really my dad. I just knew my stepmom. I knew she was getting ready for her party. About 4 of her friends were coming over to celebrate with her. I asked if my friend Jason could come over so I had a...
wrote on 2019-04-27 | by Knifer
My Birthday Present From Stepmom
genre: incest
It was my 19th birthday. I officially felt like a real adult. I sat up in my bed with a smile on my face. I was so excited to be 19. I stood up and put on my normal casual outfit, T-shirt and shorts. I headed downstairs. I lived alone with my stepmom. Both my mom and dad had left me during my life. My mom left when I was 2 and my dad got...
wrote on 2019-04-27 | by Knifer
Birthday Sex
genre: incest
Where do I begin? I’m the mother of this girl who in a few months will be graduating high school then move on to college when the fall starts. It also happens to be her birthday today. So, I picked her up at school planning do a little bit of shopping with her before we went back home. Cindy’s classmates call her “hot.” Personally, she...
wrote on 2019-04-23 | by VA
Birthday present
genre: group sex
"I want to watch you get gangbanged." Is what my husband's answer was when I asked what he wanted for his birthday. "And how many men would you like to be in this gangbang?" I smiled playing along with what I thought was joke. "Oh, 6 or 8 I suppose." My husband smiled. "6 or 8. Why not 10 or 12?" I joked. "Welllllll. If you think you can...
wrote on 2019-01-29 | by Janice Joe
Hot Wife Gives Ex BF a Birthday Present to Remember
genre: threesome
My wife tammy and I had been swinging for a few years mostly with other guys for straight 3-sums where she was the center of attention. She had been with several different guys but most were one time things because there was some little thing here or there about them that made her reluctant to fuck them again. We were really looking for a...
wrote on 2019-01-28 | by husband
Moms Birthday
genre: incest
I sat in my room alone looking up at the ceiling. I had nothing to do for the day and I needed ideas. Then it hit me. It was my moms birthday. I have to spend time with her. I jumped out of bed and ran to her room. I swung open the door and yelled “Happy Birthday.” She sat up in her bed and smiled. She pushed down the covers to reveal her...
wrote on 2019-01-19 | by Redfin
My birthday date
genre: incest
"Who is that" my best friend Tiffany asked as my younger brother climbed out of his truck. "My date" I smiled big looking at my very sexy younger brother. Clad in cutoffs and a midriff T-shirt I took off skippy to him snagging a couple beers along the way. "Hows my date" I said with a naughty smile handing my brother a beer and wrapping...
wrote on 2018-12-31 | by Janice Joe
The Birthday present
genre: group sex
She was blond, five foot seven, with a 34-22-34 figure. Her name was Kelly. The week before her 24th birthday, her husband Tyler told her he was going to take her out for a dinner at one of the big restaurants on the Saturday night. It would be a nice evening and she was rather excited about the prospect as the previous date they had been on...
wrote on 2018-11-07 | by JaneyR
Three Birthday Wishes
genre: incest
I woke up this morning pretty stoked. Not only is it Mother’s Day today which we will be celebrating with my step-mother and my step-sister (my step-mom’s biological daughter), but it also happens to be my eighteenth birthday. My step-mom had to work on that Sunday so she left early in the morning while I was still asleep. My step-sister...
wrote on 2018-10-04 | by VA
My husbands birthday
genre: group sex
It was a Monday morning and after dropping my daughter off at crèche I went to the mall to shop for a birthday present for my husband. His birthday was the coming Thursday. Walking around the mall I soon found myself in a gadget store, where I bought him a new flick blade knife. Not knowing what else to buy him, I bought myself a pair of...
wrote on 2017-04-05 | by lauren003
Birthday Presents
genre: group sex
When this happened, Elena had been living with me for six months. The relationship was one of a teacher with a brilliant student–she wanted to learn everything about my business, about herself, and about sex. She started to travel with me to the different conventions, and soon she was designing lingerie so sexy that it could be used to raise...
wrote on 2015-07-09 | by Almond
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