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The genre Gay collects erotic stories that deal with homosexual relations between men, the sexual adventures of men whose sexual tastes lead them to be attracted to other men, whether within the relationship are active, passive, or both. Stories for adults where the attraction to the same sex is strong, often inresistibile

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The big bull
I transferred in the spring as a first semester sophomore to a medium sized fairly conservative college in rural Pennsylvania. I lived in the regular dorms, which was okay, but most of the guys had already formed friendships. And I am not really into the crazy college age male bonding, at least not in the traditional way. My life was somewhat...
wrote on 2016-01-04 | by DannyC
My start as a rent boy
I was hitching home at the middle of my first term in university. It was pouring, I hadn't got a lift and it was now getting late enough that I was not likely to, I was soaked and pissed off. A smart new car screeched to a halt down the road and I ran to it before the driver changed his mind. He said he could take me within about 10 miles of my...
wrote on 2015-12-27 | by Rgb
Chat fight: The small monkey against the big dog
SuperA ring at a private gym...small crowd of guys there...4 different matches and we are the last card of the night... ref announces me...Dan THE DESTROYER Miller coming in at 6'3...225 lbs I charge out weairng black and white stripped shorts (as in pict)..slappin hands of some buds as I make my way to the ring..grab rope..leap over...flex and...
wrote on 2015-11-29 | by Martino
Chat fight: Fury vs Kirk
Kirk: charging down the aisle in front of a PACKED house who are jammed in to every corner of the arena to see the veteran old timer Cowboy Chris Fury take on the wonder Kid Kirk... Kirk: drop my bag of ropes at ringside...leap up onto the a flip over the top rope landing on my dark green boots...sporting a sexy hot tight neon green...
wrote on 2015-11-06 | by Martino
Alfonso de Castro was wondering. For years, he had longed to be in the position he recently obtained: working in the Institute for Research in Innovative Techniques. He did like some of the work, true. But, what first seemed attractive, to work in an all-male environment, was also getting on his nerves. Correct that: it was working on his...
wrote on 2015-09-03 | by Bomobear
Chat fight: Luke vs Fury
Fury: down the aisle, high five the fans, tight white trunks with FURY on the ass, cowboy hat and cowboy boots, 5'7' 150 Fury: lean and defined, roll into the ring and toss hat to a fan, COWBOY CHRIS FURY Fury: doing some knee bends in my corner Luke: really nervous about this one. taking on one of the best in the business. knows his...
wrote on 2015-08-10 | by Martino
Chat fight: Johnny Thunder and Hero
Johnny Thunder: send you a challenge for an erotic thong match in the club near your house...arriving early and getting to know some of the guys, getting some fans before the match...finally time and the manager sends me out...AND HERE IS THE STUD FROM THE SUNSHINE STATE...5'8" 170#...JOHNNY THUNDER...looking o dethrone you and put you on your...
wrote on 2015-07-15 | by Martino
Story of glory
I was twelve when my friend Steven showed me the glory hole in the public park's restroom. He dropped his pants, briefly displaying his fuzzy erection, then stepped up to the cold stone wall and inserted himself through the small hole. The hole was meant for average-sized adults, so he had to kind of stand on his tiptoes to fit his penis...
wrote on 2015-06-16 | by silent human
The Aussie fighter title - Chat fight
Peter: I am not sure how much longer I can put up with the shit from the sunstruck state, for those from overseas, that is Queensland, the part of Australia given over to guys who wear flip flops cause they can't tie shoe laces, and they drink beer called XXXX cause they can't spell beer, Peter: Everyone knows I am the king of the ring in...
wrote on 2015-06-08 | by Peter Liepins
Chat fight: Bryant traps Tony at the gym
Working out late one night at the gym & this hard muscled superboi takes advantage of the situation, locking on one of the most delicious of holds, one I had never experienced before. Very inventive if I do say so myself, but did it work...? Tony: another late night workout in the gym...great time to take your time...nobody around to...
wrote on 2015-06-03 | by Martino
Drunk roommate
In my freshman year in college I shared a dorm room with my high school buddy Chris. I had such a hardon for Chris that I almost didn't take him up on the offer to room together as I wasn't sure I could handle being that close to him all the time. Once I got used to it, it was OK. Chris and I knew each other well enough and had been friends...
wrote on 2015-05-29 | by kewtieboy
Queer bent bastard
Jason and I had just spent the better part of the afternoon skateboarding all over town. Now, reasonably exhausted, we were lounging around on my back deck, drinking Cokes and munching on some brownies my mom had just finished making. It was a typical Sunday afternoon. For the last six years, Jason and I had spent nearly every free minute...
wrote on 2015-05-05 | by GeorgHerbet
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