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Mom's dementia
I guess you will say it's wrong and I should be ashamed. I suppose you will be discusseded with me and say I'm a real bastard. But if I'm being honest, I would have to tell you I don't care about your opinion on the matter. She is my mother and I am addicted to her. I would be lying if I said I wasn't ashamed some at first, but now I'm...
genre: incest
wrote on 2018-11-12 | by Ty Maximus
After wife there's mom.
Hello, my name is Ty. I guess my story begins when my wife of five years left me. I really wasn't that broken up about loosing her, but the stress of taking care of our four year old by myself was a lot to handle. This is how it came about that my mother (Silvia), came to stay with us. I really needed the help and mom couldn't pack her...
genre: incest
wrote on 2018-11-11 | by Ty Maximus
It never seemed like rape to me??
It just never seemed like rape to me? I never would have hurt her, I loved her. She was my mother after all, and I loved her with my whole heart. I was just horny and we'll, she was there. My name is Rob. I was 14 when this part of my life began. I was a average kid from an average single parent home in the suburbs of Michigan....
genre: incest
wrote on 2018-11-03 | by Ty Maximus
A mother's sworn duty.
Jimmy Decker sat in his room looking down at his lap. He held an angry scowl on his face and his hands were balled up in fist's. It was happening again,he thought. It's happening again and there's nothing I can do about it!! How am I going to go back to school this year if this is always happening to me?? Jimmy was looking down at his...
genre: incest
wrote on 2018-10-18 | by Ty Maximus
The wife's replacement.
It was 2006. My whore,soon to be ex-wife had ran off with her yoga instructor and I was left to care for our 6 year old daughter. I was in a state of shock and depression at the time. Luckilyy partner ran our business for the both of us for a while and let me take some time off to figure things out. I was a wreck to say the least. I had...
genre: incest
wrote on 2018-08-25 | by Ty Maximus
Oh, those Saturday nights!
OH, those Saturday nights! by; Ty Maximus. It was fall time and the leaves had almost all fallen from the trees. I, John Henry, had just turned 40 years of age. At 40, I still had my Chestnut brown hair and at 6'1 and 225. I still carried my muscular body well. I was sitting on my back patio and...
genre: incest
wrote on 2018-08-16 | by Ty Maximus
Once I got a taste, I needed more!
Hello, my name is Ted. For the purpose of this story, we start when I was fifteen. At fifteen my mother had been a widow for five years and for all intents and purposes, I was man of the house and head of our little family. It was my mother Sandy (45), my little sister Kathy (12)and myself. My father was a dominant man and my mother had...
genre: incest
wrote on 2018-06-13 | by Ty Maximus
Mother's Addiction
I've done it!!! My God, I think I've finally done it!!! I've been working on it for so many years I didn't know if I could really get the formula right, but I think I've finally gotten right! Hold on, I guess I should clue you in on what I am going on about. Hello, my name is William, everyone just calls me Will. I hold Master degrees...
genre: incest
wrote on 2018-04-29 | by Ty Maximus
Rebuilding the Family
When John Evens was 10, his family home comprised of six people. His father, mother, grandmother, cousin and himself. His cousin Bonnie came to live with them two years before that at the age of six because her mother had overdosed on heroin and John's father and grandmother we're the next of kin. Up until that year, when John was 10,...
genre: incest
wrote on 2018-04-27 | by Ty Maximus
All good things come
It was 10:00pm on a Friday night when I got the call that would bring my darkest dreams all true. I looked at the caller ID to see it was my mother calling me. This was strange to begin with, we usually only spoke on Holliday's anymore. We had a falling out about 7 years ago when she had announced her engagement to mark (the asshole) as...
genre: incest
wrote on 2018-02-28 | by Ty Maximus
The Burden of woman
It was a strange and new time in my life. I was fifteen and all I could do was think about girls, women and my constantly hard acking cock! I had been cursed by some unknown force of nature to be thrown into a perpetual state of acking throbbing animal like sexual hunger. I guess doctor's call it puberty, I called it...
genre: incest
wrote on 2018-01-06 | by Ty Maximus
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